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Experienced in the development and deployment of valuation processes and technical solutions. Whether a difficult decision about the need for an updated system or if contracted services might be better than full time employees, we are here to help.

General Property Tax Administration

We can help you to answer with confidence and respect the questions that come to your office every day. Most taxpayers have great questions that can typically be answered knowledgably with confidence. Uncertainty can sometimes make your organization look unnecessarily weak.

Some of the simpler tasks, such as pick-ups and cyclical inspection, are the most important steps in your assessment system. We all know that the quality of what comes out of a computer program is only as good as the data that goes in! We take time to carefully manage and report to you the results of these efforts on a timely and regular basis.

Assessment Performance Analysis and Reporting

We can help you to understand the performance of your current Tax Assessing System. We will complete studies of appraisal performance, and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing how the system performs under market conditions.

Reappraisal and Valuation Updates

Creating a system of tax assessment valuation is the goal of every reappraisal. If there are classes of property that are assessed at different levels that require a partial reappraisal or update, or if it is time for your regular reappraisal, we are the team that can get it done right!

If what you need is a commercial update, we have the specialized experience and knowledge to complete credible reappraisals of the most complicated commercial and industrial property.


Regardles of the level of appraisal services needed, we adhere to the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in the development and communication of results. USPAP compliance and reporting comes at no additional cost!


Creating credible value estimates is only part of the job. Reporting the results is the important way the work is finished. Proper reporting provides Boards of Selectmen and Board of Assessors, as well as your taxpayers will all reasonably expect to be able to understand the basics of how value estimates were made.

Defending Values

With over thirty years of experience in the valuation of all types of property we offer expert testimony on valuation of property and taxation issues in Superior Court and at the Board of Tax and Land Appeals as a non-attorney municipal consultant.

Customized Plan

We offer services specialized for each customer, contact us for details about how we can assist you.

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